Lucienne Muscat – Head of the Group Human Resources

Lucienne Muscat – Head of the Group Human Resources

Lucienne is Head of the Group Human Resources and has been with Saint James Hospital Group since 1996. She began working as a part time receptionist while studying at University. She graduated in Management in 1998 and worked for 8 years within the Accounts Department at the Zabbar Hospital as Accounts Manager.

In 2010, Lucienne took up the role of Marketing Manager of the Local Operations, that helped her increase her knowledge of the Group and gave her insight into the functions of the various departments. It also made her appreciate the contribution of each to the success of the company as a whole.

In 2018, she followed her passion and started working within the Human Resources Department. Lucienne is presently Head of the Group Human Resources. This role is the most intense and at the same time, the most rewarding she has experienced to date. Empathy, care, respect, professionalism, fairness, job satisfaction, mentoring and training are the key words that drive her. Her job has become her passion.

More-widely known as Luci, she has two (2) daughters – the elder is a mini-Luci in character and the younger is a mini-Luci in appearance.

Lucienne is a passionate reader of crime fiction, especially those set in historical eras.

Some quick Luci facts –  She loves everything medieval. She is not a foodie by any stretch of the imagination and hates cooking with a passion. She is a complete klutz, which is not always fun but many times funny!

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