Payment and Insurance


In the case of surgical planned procedures, it is important that you are well informed of the costs involved for your medical treatment. A written quote is provided beforehand specifying what items are included therein. Please be aware that specialist fees (such as surgeon and anaesthetist) may not be included in the quote and may be settled directly with the consultant unless included in the final invoice. Unplanned diagnostic tests or emergency procedures may also be billed separately, should they be required during your stay. In the case of an emergency admission, it is advisable that you liaise with the liaison officer regularly about your costs because these vary depending on the length of stay and the severity of your case.

Extra Bills

Extra bills are personal items such as guest meals, telephone charges, laundry or TV entertainment charges. These are not covered by insurances and will need to be settled by yourself prior to leaving the Hospital. Some insurers will not cover the cost of medical items such as crutches, splints, neck and knee braces, as these are classified as aids to mobility. In this case, payment for these items needs to be settled before leaving the hospital.


You must contact your insurance company before you are admitted into our Hospital. They may allocate a claim number for us and request that you forward a claim form to your consultant for his report and signature. You may have limits on your type of policy or excesses that you need to check out first. It is important that, prior to committing yourself, your insurance company will be settling the bill, you verify if your policy includes cover for the particular treatment being carried out. Full insurance details must be given to the Hospital registration staff before the date of hospitalisation/treatment for direct settlement to occur, subject to the insurance company’s acceptance to cover the charges on your behalf.

While the Hospital will invoice your insurance company or sponsor directly, it is your responsibility to ensure that claims are processed promptly. Should insurers, sponsors or guarantors decline or delay payment, we will forward the invoice to you for immediate settlement.

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