Medical Laboratory Services

Medical Laboratory Services (MLS) has been a pioneering spirit in the local health care industry since 1988. Over the years they have committed to improve wellness and health management by providing clinicians with all the tools necessary to make accurate and informed diagnostic decisions.

Medical Laboratory Services was established by visionary leaders who believed that high quality diagnostic solutions should be available to patients and clinicians in an efficient and reliable way.

The History of Medical Laboratory Services

Medical Laboratory Services started way back in 1981 in a corridor of an old town house in Zabbar, with the very first testing for Haemoglobin – a very primitive way to check for anaemia.  The test was done by measuring an exact quantity of liquid containing very toxic cyanide and adding an even smaller amount of blood to it.  The amount of haemoglobin present was calculated by the darkness of the liquid produced.

Slowly but surely more tests were introduced using similar methods.  Eventually as science progressed and more equipment was available, MLS worked towards being the leader in the private health care sector, pushing for innovative testing methodology and becoming more advanced and accurate. 

MLS within the Saint James Hospital Group has thrived to keep up with the medical advances. Confidence in Medical Laboratory Services grew within the local Medical community and over the years Medical Laboratory Services has established a network of doctors and clinics that use our services from all over Malta and Gozo.

With the continuous growth in demand for private diagnostic testing, Medical Laboratory Services moved to the newly acquired Saint James Capua Hospital in Sliema in 2001.

To ensure specimen integrity and fast turnaround time, more state of the art systems were acquired to serve the ever increasing demands of a dynamic hospital environment, servicing both Inpatient and Outpatient demands.  MLS were the first on the island to introduce an advanced laboratory information system, whereby traceability of all samples is guaranteed. Today thousands of samples are processed every day.

For over 25 years MLS took great pride in being the only specialised laboratory on the island to offer Assisted Reproductive Technologies, mainly In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).


The leading provider of in vitro diagnostics

Their labs provide hospitals and doctors with reliable and accurate information, enabling patients to plan the correct strategy to ensure higher conception success rates.  

Saint James Hospital ART Lab (Assisted Reproduction Technology) offers a wide range of fertility therapy. A multi-disciplinary team of professionals is committed to making sure your experience will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.   

Medical Laboratory Services have set the bar high for standards. The team strives to ensure that their focus is on the quality and consistency of the work whilst keeping patients and clinicians at the epicentre of all organisational activity. 

Their phlebotomy services are available at both Saint James Capua Hospital in Sliema and Saintt James Hospital in Zabbar and are equipped to provide for all outpatient needs. 

For clinicians and other health workers courier services are offered to all areas of Malta and Gozo, ensuring that all patients can benefit the services.

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