Saint James Capua Hospital in Sliema provides a wide variety of services including a Chapel of Rest.  This is situated on the lower ground level of the Hospital with direct access to an external pathway leading to George Borg Olivier Street.  The vast majority of funerals are carried out according to the Roman Catholic rites and the chapel is beautifully set up and adorned for such a purpose.

Patients who pass away on the wards are transported to the morgue, which is adjacent to the Chapel of rest, and laid to rest there until the day of their funeral.  The temperature is always set at a -6 degrees Celsius to ensure that the corpse is thoroughly preserved. Funeral Directors encourage the relatives to opt for embalmnent as an extra precautionary measure against decomposition. The embalmnent is carried out by a third party contractor who is commissioned by the Funeral Director.

The morgue & and Chapel of Rest are used for deceased inpatients, however Funeral Directors seek the services of the Hospital for patients who die at their private residence.

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