Albert Micallef – Managing Director

Albert Micallef – Managing Director

Albert Micallef is Managing Director of Saint James Hospital Group. He qualified as a Registered Nurse in October 1979 and was assigned to work at the Operating Theatres at Saint Luke’s Hospital where he worked for sixteen (16) years.

In 1986 Albert was invited to assist in the setting up and running of a small operating theatre at “The Saint James Natural Childbirth Centre” in Zabbar. Dr Josie Muscat was a formidable driving force and a visionary. Albert and Dr Josie collaborated very well together and in a short while, this centre was branded as “Saint James Health Centre” offering a wide variety of services. He managed to promote surgical procedures which were performed in Malta for the first time namely key hole operations, and other specific high tech orthopaedic operations  

In 1995 the “Saint James Health Centre” was upgraded to the status of a hospital, a big leap forward for the Company. In September of that year Albert joined an already established dynamic team in the capacity of Theatre Manager. At that time he also managed the payroll for the theatre staff, procurement and billings.

In 2002, Saint James Hospital purchased the former Capua Palace Hospital and Albert was entrusted with the running of the Theatre suites in both hospitals. Later on he was asked to design and manage an operating theatre in a clinic in Ghajnsielem Gozo, which was partially owned by the Saint James Hospital Group.

In later years Albert occupied the role of a Senior Administration Manager and in March 2015 acted as Interim CEO for nine (9) months. He currently occupies the post of Managing Director giving an input in the smooth running of the operating Theatres, he also takes care of all legal issues pertaining to the company. Albert is also very much involved with addressing Health Insurance concerns. Pastoral services as well as Mortuary Room administration also fall under his remit.

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