Psychiatry is the medical speciality devoted to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental health conditions.


Psychiatry is the medical speciality devoted to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental conditions. The conditions include various maladaptation related to mood, behaviour, cognition, and perceptions.

Initial psychiatric assessment of a person typically begins with a case history and mental status examination. Physical examinations and psychological tests may be conducted. On occasion, neuroimaging or other neurophysiological techniques are used.


Psychotherapy, sometimes called talk therapy, is a treatment that involves a talking relationship between a therapist and patient. It can be used to treat a broad variety of mental disorders and emotional difficulties.

The goal of psychotherapy is to eliminate or control disabling or troubling symptoms so the patient can function better.

Depending on the extent of the problem, treatment may take just a few sessions over a week or two or may take many sessions over a period of years. Psychotherapy can be done individually, as a couple, with a family, or in a group.

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ABELA Carmelo DrPain ReliefTuesday, FridaySliemaBook now
ABELA Carmelo DrPain ReliefSaturdayZejtunBook now
ABELA CARUANA JANICA MsOccupational MedicineTuesday, WednesdaySliemaBook now
ABELA ETIENNE JOE MrGeneral SurgeryTuesdaySliemaBook now
ABELA ETIENNE JOE MrGeneral SurgeryWednesdayZejtunBook now
ABELA MASSIMO MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsMonday, ThursdaySliemaBook now
AGIUS ADRIAN MrENTWednesdayZejtunBook now
AGIUS ADRIAN MrENTFridaySliemaBook now
AGIUS JOHN MrGeneral SurgeryTuesday, FridayZejtunBook now
AGIUS MARTINA DrPodologyFriday, SaturdayZejtunBook now
AGIUS TONIO DrRehabilitationTuesday, Thursday, Saturday PMZejtunBook now
AGIUS TONIO DrRehabilitationWednesday, Saturday AMSliemaBook now
ANDREJEVIC PREDRAG MrGeneral SurgeryThursdaySliemaBook now
APAP Charmaine DrDermatologyWednesdayZejtunBook now
AQUILINA JOSANNE DrNeurologyMondaySliemaBook now
ATTARD ALEX MrGeneral SurgeryMondaySliemaBook now
ATTARD LUCIENNE DrSport And Exercise MedicineMondaySliemaBook now
ATTARD MONTALTO S. ProfsPaediatricsMondaySliemaBook now
AVRAMOV MILOVANOVIC O. DrGynaecologyWednesday, Thursday, FridaySliemaBook now
AXISA BENEDICT MrGeneral SurgeryMondayBurmarradBook now
AXISA BENEDICT MrGeneral SurgeryThursdaySliemaBook now
AXISA BENEDICT MrGeneral SurgeryFridayZejtunBook now
AZZOPARDI Joe DrPain ReliefMonday, Tuesday, SundaySliemaBook now
AZZOPARDI Joseph ProfsEndocrinologyFridaySliemaBook now
AZZOPARDI NEVILLE DrGastroenterologyMondayZejtunBook now
AZZOPARDI NEVILLE DrGastroenterologyWednesdayBurmarradBook now
AZZOPARDI THOMAS MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsWednesdayZejtunBook now
AZZOPARDI THOMAS MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsThursdaySliemaBook now
BALDWIN Romina DrPsychologyThursdayZejtunBook now
BASMADJAN Jacob DrTrauma & OrthopaedicsThursday, SaturdayZejtunBook now
BECK NOEL MrNeurologyWednesdaySliemaBook now
BERNARD ANTHONY MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsWednesday AM, FridaySliemaBook now
BERNARD ANTHONY MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsWednesday PMZejtunBook now
BERNARD ANTHONY MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsThursdayBurmarradBook now
BERNARDO CARLOTTA MsHypnotherapyTuesday, Wednesday, SaturdayBurmarradBook now
BILOCCA DAVID DrRespiratory (Thoracic) MedicineTuesdayZejtunBook now
BILOCCA DAVID DrRespiratory (Thoracic) MedicineThursdayBurmarradBook now
BOFFA MICHAEL DrDermatologyThursdayZejtunBook now
BORG ALEX DrCardiologyMondayBurmarradBook now
BORG ALEX DrCardiologyTuesdayZejtunBook now
BORG ALEX DrCardiologyFridaySliemaBook now
BORG ANDREW ProfRheumatologyMondayZejtunBook now
BORG ANDREW ProfRheumatologyTuesdaySliemaBook now
BORG CHARLES MrENTMondaySliemaBook now
BORG CHRIS MrAcupuntureWednesdayBurmarradBook now
BORG N. JOSEPH MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsTuesday, SaturdaySliemaBook now
BORG XUEREB HERMAN MrENTThursdaySliemaBook now
BRIFFA JOSEPH MrPlastic SurgeryTuesday, FridaySliemaBook now
BRIFFA NIKOLAI MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsMondayZejtunBook now
BRIFFA NIKOLAI MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsWednesdaySliemaBook now
BRINCAT STEPHEN DrMedical OncologyFridaySliemaBook now
BUCHANAN ANNA MsFood Intolerance TestingTuesday, SaturdayZejtunBook now
BUCHANAN ANNA MsFood Intolerance TestingWednesdayBurmarradBook now
BUGEJA SIMON DrUrologyMondayBurmarradBook now
BUGEJA SIMON DrUrologyTuesdaySliemaBook now
BUHAGIAR GERALD DrEndocrinologySaturdayZejtunBook now
BUSUTTIL WALTER MrCardiologyThursday AMSliemaBook now
BUSUTTIL WALTER MrCardiologyThursday PM, FridayZejtunBook now
CACHIA J. MARIO DrEndocrinologyWednesdayZejtunBook now
CACHIA J. MARIO DrEndocrinologyThursdaySliemaBook now
CALLEJA LAWRENCE MrHair TransplantTuesdaySliemaBook now
CALVAGNA VICTOR DrPaediatricsWednesdaySliemaBook now
CALVAGNA VICTOR DrPaediatricsFridayZejtunBook now
CAMILLERI ASTRID DrGynaecologyMondaySliemaBook now
CAMILLERI NIGEL DrPsychiatryTuesdaySliemaBook now
CAMILLERI VASSALLO FRANC DrRheumatologyThursdayZejtunBook now
CAMILLERI WARNE A. DrPaediatricsThursdayBurmarradBook now
CAMILLERI WARNE A. DrPaediatricsFridaySliemaBook now
CARABOT PHILIP DrGenitourinary MedicineWednesday, Friday, SaturdaySliemaBook now
CARBONARO FRANCIS DrOphthalmologyMonday, Wednesday, SaturdayZejtunBook now
CARUANA CLIFFORD MrGeneral SurgeryMondaySliemaBook now
CARUANA MARIE DAWN DrDermatologyMondaySliemaBook now
CARUANA MARIO DrDieticianSaturdayZejtunBook now
CARUANA DINGLI GORDON MrGeneral SurgeryWednesdaySliemaBook now
CARUANA GALIZIA ALFRED DrGastroenterologyMonday, Tuesday, WednesdaySliemaBook now
CARUANA MONTALDO BREN DrRespiratory (Thoracic) MedicineWednesday, ThursdaySliemaBook now
CASALETTO JOHN MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsMonday AM, WednesdaySliemaBook now
CASALETTO JOHN MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsMonday PMBurmarradBook now
CASALETTO JOHN MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsSaturdayZejtunBook now
CASHA MARILYN DrPain ReliefWednesdaySliemaBook now
CASHA MARILYN DrPain ReliefThursdayZejtunBook now
CASSAR Anna DrPsychologyWednesdayZejtunBook now
CASSAR Joseph DrPsychiatryMondayZejtunBook now
CASSAR MAEMPEL ANDREW DrCardiologyMondaySliemaBook now
CASSAR MAEMPEL ANDREW DrCardiologyThursdayZejtunBook now
CASSAR MAEMPEL ANDREW DrCardiologyFridayBurmarradBook now
CAUCHI JOHN MrPaediatric SurgeryMondaySliemaBook now
CAUCHI JOHN MrPaediatric SurgeryTuesdayZejtunBook now
CHIRCOP MARCELLE MsGynaecologyTuesday, FridayZejtunBook now
CHIRCOP MARCELLE MsGynaecologyWednesdaySliemaBook now
CINI CHARLES MrGeneral SurgeryTuesdayZejtunBook now
CINI CHARLES MrGeneral SurgeryFridaySliemaBook now
CINI CUSTO ROMINA DrGynaecologyMonday AMSliemaBook now
CINI CUSTO ROMINA DrGynaecologyMonday PMZejtunBook now
COLEIRO BERNARD DrRheumatologyTuesdaySliemaBook now
COPPERSTONE JASON MrPsychologyWednesdaySliemaBook now
CRAUS JOHANN MrGynaecologyFriday, SaturdaySliemaBook now
CRAUS JOHANN MrGynaecologyMonday, Wednesday, ThursdayZejtunBook now
CUTAJAR LINO CARMEL ProfUrologyMondaySliemaBook now
CUTAJAR EVAN MrPodiatryTuesdaySliemaBook now
CUTAJAR EVAN MrPodiatryWednesdayZejtunBook now
CUTAJAR JOHN MrENTFridaySliemaBook now
DARMANIN X. FRANCIS MrPlastic SurgeryMondayZejtunBook now
DEBONO JOSEPH MrGeneral SurgeryWednesdaySliemaBook now
DEBONO PHARRAH DrPaediatricsTuesday, FridaySliemaBook now
DEBONO RAYMOND MrPlastic SurgeryThursdaySliemaBook now
DJUKIC Jasmina DrNeurosurgeryMondaySliemaBook now
ELLUL ERNEST MrGeneral SurgeryThursdayZejtunBook now
ESPOSITO IVAN MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsTuesdaySliemaBook now
ESPOSITO IVAN MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsWednesdayZejtunBook now
FARRUGIA AGIUS JOSEPH DrNephrologyMondayZejtunBook now
FARRUGIA EMANUEL ProfNephrologyMondaySliemaBook now
FARRUGIA JOHN ERIC MrENTWednesdaySliemaBook now
FARRUGIA JONES CYNTHIA DrRespiratory (Thoracic) MedicineThursdayZejtunBook now
FARRUGIA MARIO DrGeneral MedicineMondaySliemaBook now
FARRUGIA MARIO DrGeneral MedicineTuesdayZejtunBook now
FAVA Stephen ProfEndocrinologySaturdayZejtunBook now
FELICE HERBERT DrCardiologyMonday, ThursdayZejtunBook now
FELICE HERBERT DrCardiologyFridaySliemaBook now
FENECH ALBERT ProfCardiologyMonday, ThursdaySliemaBook now
FENECH ALBERT ProfCardiologyWednesday PMZejtunBook now
FENECH ALBERT ProfCardiologyWednesday AMBurmarradBook now
FENECH THOMAS DrOphthalmologyWednesdaySliemaBook now
FERRY PETER DrGeriatric MedicineTuesdaySliemaBook now
FORMOSA MARK MrGynaecologyTuesday, SaturdaySliemaBook now
GALEA DEBONO ANTHONY DrNeurologyTuesday, Friday AMSliemaBook now
GALEA DEBONO ANTHONY DrNeurologyFriday PMZejtunBook now
GALEA JOSEPH ProfsCardiologyMondaySliemaBook now
GALEA JOSEPH ProfsCardiologyTuesdayZejtunBook now
GALEA ROBERT DrGeneral Medical PracticeTuesdaySliemaBook now
GALEA TESTA THERESA DrGynaecologyMonday, WednesdayZejtunBook now
GALEA TESTA THERESA DrGynaecologyTuesday, FridaySliemaBook now
GAMOUDI DONIA DrGenitourinary MedicineMonday SliemaBook now
GATT RAY MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsThursdayZejtunBook now
GAUCI GRECH HEIDI DrGynaecologyMondayZejtunBook now
GAUCI GRECH HEIDI DrGynaecologyFridaySliemaBook now
GERADA JURGEN DrGastroenterologyTuesdaySliemaBook now
GERADA JURGEN DrGastroenterologyThursdayZejtunBook now
GERMAN KARL MrUrologyTuesdayBurmarradBook now
GERMAN KARL MrUrologyThursdayZejtunBook now
GERMAN KARL MrUrologySaturdaySliemaBook now
GERMAN NADYA MsRehabilitationMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, FridaySliemaBook now
GHIGO JOANNA MsGynaecologyMonday, Thursday, Friday, SaturdaySliemaBook now
GHIGO JOANNA MsGynaecologyWednesdayZejtunBook now
GIORDMAINA RYAN MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsFridaySliemaBook now
GOUDER MELVIN DrOphthalmologyMonday, Tuesday, ThursdayZejtunBook now
GRECH AMANDA MsPsychotherapyMonday, Wednesday, Friday, SaturdayZejtunBook now
GRECH ANTON DrPsychiatryWednesdaySliemaBook now
GRECH Stephan MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsFridaySliemaBook now
GRECH VICTOR ProfPaediatricsThursdaySliemaBook now
GRIXTI SOLER ANTHONY MrENTMonday, Wednesday, Saturday AMSliemaBook now
GRIXTI SOLER ANTHONY MrENTTuesday, Thursday, Saturday PMZejtunBook now
HERCZEGH RITA DrGynaecologyMonday, Tuesday PM, Wednesday PM, Friday PM, SaturdayBurmarradBook now
HERCZEGH RITA DrGynaecologyTuesday AM, Wednesday AMSliemaBook now
HERCZEGH RITA DrGynaecologyFriday AMZejtunBook now
JIN SHELIA DrAcupuncture & MassotherapyFridaySliemaBook now
KING PIPPA MsHypnotherapyMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, FridaySliemaBook now
LAPIRA ALEC DrENTWednesdayZejtunBook now
LAPIRA ALEC DrENTFridaySliemaBook now
MAGAZINOVIC BRANKO MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsTuesday, Friday, SaturdaySliemaBook now
MAGRI CLAUDE DrClinical Oncology (Radiotherapy)TuesdayZejtunBook now
MALLIA CARMEL ProfsRheumatologyWednesdaySliemaBook now
MANCHE ALEX MrCardiologyTuesday, WednesdaySliemaBook now
MANGION MARIA MsNutritionWednesdaySliemaBook now
MEGALLY Naged DrSpecial Interest in GynaecologyMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayZejtunBook now
MERCIECA JOHN ANDREW MrUrologyMondaySliemaBook now
MERCIECA JOHN ANDREW MrUrologyWednesdayZejtunBook now
MICALLEF SIMONE MsPsychologyTuesdaySliemaBook now
MICALLEF GRIMAUD Lisa DrInfectious DiseasesMondaySliemaBook now
MICALLEF STAFRACE K DrSport And Exercise MedicineTuesday, FridaySliemaBook now
MIFSUD Edwin Dr (Colonel)DermatologyWednesday, ThursdaySliemaBook now
MIFSUD Edwin Dr (Colonel)DermatologyFridayZejtunBook now
MIZZI ANNABELLE MsPodologyFridaySliemaBook now
MODESTINI CHIARA MsPodologyTuesdayZejtunBook now
MODESTINI CHIARA MsPodologyWednesday, FridaySliemaBook now
MOLNAR IMRICH MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsMonday, TuesdaySliemaBook now
MOLNAR IMRICH MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsWednesdayBurmarradBook now
MONTANARO GAUCI Michelle DrGynaecologyMonday AMZejtunBook now
MONTANARO GAUCI Michelle DrGynaecologyMonday PMBurmarradBook now
MONTANARO GAUCI Michelle DrGynaecologyWednesdaySliemaBook now
MUSCAT ETIENNE DrPsychiatryMonday, WednesdaySliemaBook now
MUSCAT ETIENNE DrPsychiatryTuesday, Thursday, FridayZejtunBook now
MUSCAT JOSIE DrSpecial Interest in GynaecologyMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday PM, Friday, Saturday PMZejtunBook now
MUSCAT JOSIE DrSpecial Interest in GynaecologyThursday AM, Saturday AMSliemaBook now
MUSCAT Kenneth MrENTThursdayZejtunBook now
ORESTANO UGO DrTrauma & OrthopaedicsFridayZejtunBook now
ORSINI STEFAN MrNutritionTuesdayZejtunBook now
ORSINI STEFAN MrNutritionFridaySliemaBook now
PACE Adrian DrNeurologyTuesday, ThursdayZejtunBook now
PACE Adrian DrNeurologyWednesdayBurmarradBook now
PACE Adrian DrNeurologyFridaySliemaBook now
PACE ALISTAIR MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsMonday, Tuesday, Saturday PMZejtunBook now
PACE ALISTAIR MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsFridayBurmarradBook now
PACE ALISTAIR MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsWednesday, Thursday, Saturday AMSliemaBook now
PADOVESE VALESKA DrDermatologyWednesdayBurmarradBook now
PADOVESE VALESKA DrDermatologyThursdaySliemaBook now
PARNIS JUANITA MsPlastic SurgeryThursday PMZejtunBook now
PARNIS JUANITA MsPlastic SurgeryThursday PMBurmarradBook now
PILLOW GILLIAN MsPsychologySaturdayBurmarradBook now
PLEVEN DAVID MrPodologyTuesday, ThursdayBurmarradBook now
POCOCK JAMES DrGastroenterologyMonday, TuesdaySliemaBook now
PORTELLI ALEX DrGeneral MedicineTuesday, FridaySliemaBook now
PORTELLI MARK MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsMonday, WednesdaySliemaBook now
PORTELLI MARK MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsTuesdayBurmarradBook now
PORTELLI MARK MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsFridayZejtunBook now
PSAILA Josephine DrGeneral SurgeryWednesdayZejtunBook now
RIZZO Johanna MsCounsellingWednesday, SaturdayZejtunBook now
RUSANOV NIKOLAY DrGynaecologyMondayBurmarradBook now
SAID EDITH DrGeneticsMondayBurmarradBook now
SAID EDITH DrGeneticsTuesdayZejtunBook now
SAID EDITH DrGeneticsThursday, FridaySliemaBook now
SAID MARIO MrENTTuesdaySliemaBook now
SALIBA ISABELLE DrGynaecologyFridaySliemaBook now
SANTIAGO SANTO DrAllergologyMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayBurmarradBook now
SCERRI PAUL ALBERT MrGynaecologyTuesdaySliemaBook now
SCERRI LAWRENCE DrDermatologyTuesdayZejtunBook now
SCHEMBRI MARK MrGeneral SurgeryFridaySliemaBook now
SCHEMBRI Matthew DrPodologyMondayZejtunBook now
SCIBERRAS JOHN MrUrologyThursday AMZejtunBook now
SCIBERRAS JOHN MrUrologyThursday PMBurmarradBook now
SCICLUNA PIERRE MrCognitive Behavioral TherapyMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridaySliemaBook now
SPITERI CLAIRE MsNutritionMondaySliemaBook now
SPITERI CLAIRE MsNutritionTuesdayZejtunBook now
SPITERI STEPHEN Dr The Hon.General Medical PracticeMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, SaturdayZejtunBook now
STABILE ISABELLE ProfGynaecologyMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, SaturdaySliemaBook now
STABILE ISABELLE ProfGynaecologyWednesdayBurmarradBook now
STELLINI MARIO DrGastroenterologyMonday, Tuesday, ThursdaySliemaBook now
STELLINI MARIO DrGastroenterologyWednesdayZejtunBook now
SULTANA ANGELA MsGeneral SurgeryWednesdayBurmarradBook now
SULTANA ANGELA MsGeneral SurgeryFridayZejtunBook now
THAKE JOHN MrGynaecologyThursdaySliemaBook now
TILNEY MYRA DrGeneral MedicineTuesday, FridaySliemaBook now
VASSALLO JOSANNE ProfEndocrinologyMondaySliemaBook now
VELLA ALBERTO MrGynaecologyWednesday, FridaySliemaBook now
VELLA IVAN MrOphthalmologyMonday, ThursdayZejtunBook now
VELLA IVAN MrOphthalmologyFridaySliemaBook now
VELLA G. IVAN MrPodiatryTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday PMZejtunBook now
VELLA G. IVAN MrPodiatryThursday AMSliemaBook now
VELLA MALCOLM DrNeurologyMondayZejtunBook now
VELLA MALCOLM DrNeurologySaturdaySliemaBook now
VELLA SANDRO DrEndocrinologyMonday AM, Tuesday AMSliemaBook now
VELLA SANDRO DrEndocrinologyMonday PM, Tuesday PMBurmarradBook now
WILLIAM GRECH Ryan MrENTTuesdayZejtunBook now
WILLIAM GRECH Ryan MrENTWednesdaySliemaBook now
SANT KURSTEIN MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsTuesdayZejtunBook now
WLODEK Christina DrDermatologyMondayZejtunBook now
WLODEK Christina DrDermatologyTuesday, ThursdaySliemaBook now
WLODEK Christina DrDermatologyFridayBurmarradBook now
XUEREB DORIAN MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsWednesdayZejtunBook now
ZAHRA ANTHONY DrPsychiatryThursdayZejtunBook now
ZAHRA ANTHONY DrPsychiatryWednesdayBurmarradBook now
ZAMMIT JASON MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsWednesdaySliemaBook now
ZAMMIT PATRICK MrUrologyFridayZejtunBook now
ZAMMIT KOHLER MAREIKE MsPre-Operative AssessmentMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridaySliemaBook now
ZAMMIT MAEMPEL Fredrick MrTrauma & OrthopaedicsThursdaySliemaBook now
GAJECKA ALEKSANDRA DrPaediatricsMonday AM, Thursday PM BurmarradBook now
GAJECKA ALEKSANDRA DrPaediatricsTuesday PM ZejtunBook now
GAJECKA ALEKSANDRA DrPaediatricsWednesday PM Sliema Book now
MICALLEF KOWENKO EMMA DrPsychologyBurmarradBook now
GRECH MARK DrHaematologistThursdaySliema Book now
CAMENZULI CHRISTIAN MrGeneral SurgeryTuesdayZejtunBook now
ROLE CHRISTIAN DrPsychiatryThursdaySliemaBook now
GALEA MARTIN MrOphthalmologyTuesdayZejtunBook now