Preparing For Your Hospital | Clinic Outpatient’s Appointment


Before your appointment, you’ll receive a text message from the hospital that includes the date, time, and locality of your appointment.  Also, you will have some added information when necessary.

You can choose which hospital or clinic to use, and which specialist will be in charge of your treatment, as long as they meet your healthcare needs


Preparing for your appointment

Many patients find it helps to prepare what they want to talk about during their visit. It can be helpful to list down the things you want to discuss. This could include:

  • all your symptoms
  • medicines you’re taking including prescriptions, medicines you’ve bought yourself and alternative treatments. You can bring the medicine packets or your prescriptions with you, or take photos of them
  • any allergies you have
  • any questions or concerns

You can ask someone to come with you to your appointment, such as a family member, friend or carer.  

If you cannot attend your appointment at the time you’ve been given, contact our contact centre on 23291000 to rearrange it. 


On the day

Remember to bring the details of your appointment with you, you can show the sms you received on your phone.

Bring with you an identification document such as Maltese ID Card, Passport or a valid driving license and present it when registering at the reception upon arrival.

Bring with you any test results, reports, discharge summaries, X-Rays / MRI reports

An identity verification process will take place, and you will be asked to verify once more your phone number and e-mail address.

Allow plenty of time for your visit, especially if this is your first appointment. You may have to wait if your doctor’s other appointments overrun or they are called away to an emergency.

Upon arrival, you will be given a ticket number that will appear on the monitors.  This will indicate when it is your turn to see the doctor/specialist.

You will be called in according to the time of your appointment, and not the order of the ticket number.  This is also at the discretion of your doctor/specialist.


Your appointment

In your appointment, share any information you’ve prepared with your doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional. Giving them this information and asking any questions you have will help you get the most out of your appointment.

Tell the doctor/nurse if you’re pregnant, have any allergies or are taking any medicines, including prescriptions, medicines you have bought yourself and alternative treatments.

During your appointment, your doctor will talk about:

  • your symptoms or how you manage your health or condition
  • your medical history
  • whether you need any tests
  • how to get your results for any tests you’ve already had
  • options for treatment so you can decide what would be best for you
  • how to use any devices or equipment you’ve been given to manage your condition

Together you can decide on a plan for your ongoing care. This might mean another appointment with them, with another specialist, or with your GP.

You might be asked to arrange future appointments only when your symptoms or your circumstances change.

If you’re unsure of anything, ask your doctor / nurse to explain it again, or to write it down for you.

You might find it helpful to take some notes during your appointment. You can look back at these at home or at your follow-up appointment.


After your appointment

Paying for your consultation:  All payments are to be settled at reception desks before leaving the hospital.

If you want to reach your doctor or have further questions after your appointment, send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will forward your e mail to the respective doctor.

You will receive an online feedback survey via e-mail, this helps us to keep on improving our services.


Our fees

This is a private hospital/clinic, and all services are to be paid for.  The cost for a consultation depends on the doctor you will be visiting.  Doctors charge different rates.  The hospitals/clinics have a standardised fee of €10 that needs to be paid for after each consultation. The hospital fee for the Genitourinary clinic is €10. The hospital fee including the Ultrasound for Obstetrics and Gynae as follows:

  • Hospital Fee – Gynae U/S €28
  • Hospital Fee – Pregnancy U/S €28
  • Hospital Fee – Urology U/S €28

Laboratory fees are paid directly to the lab.


How to claim costs if you are insured?

If you are insured, ask for an insurance claim form from reception during registration (before seeing the doctor/specialist).

In case you have a direct settlement approved, please inform the reception upon your arrival.

Ask your doctor to fill in your claim form.

Upon payment, you will be given a receipt and you can send this receipt together with the filled claim form to your insurance.


Our location and parking

Saint James (Capua) Hospital, Triq Gorg Borg Olivier, Sliema

The hospital does not have a parking area for patients and visitors.  You can park at the ctPark parking close to the hospital at your own expense.  There are 2 disabled parking spaces just outside the hospital.

Saint James Hospital, Triq il-Hotba, Zejtun

The hospital has ample parking space on its grounds.

Saint James Clinic, Triq Il Wardija, San Pawl il-Baħar

 The clinic has ample street parking space.


Test results:


You will be given the result after the test has been done or in some instances, you will receive the report via e-mail.  If you are given a CD, please note that you will not be able to view it, since medical CDs require a special programme to be viewed.  You will though be given a full report of the findings.

Laboratory tests:

 You will receive the results by email and your doctor will also receive a copy