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The procedure reduces the volume of the stomach which results in a reduced intake of food.

Saint James Hospital in another medical first as it performs endoluminal bariatric intervention for those who need a significant reduction of weight

Saint James Hospital has carried out the first endoluminal bariatric intervention to be ever carried out in Malta and the first such procedure in 3D for the first-ever time worldwide.

Endoluminal bariatric surgery is a procedure aimed at individuals who require significant reduction of weight, and which involves a procedure reducing the volume of the stomach, which results in a reduced intake of food. This procedure enables an individual to lose half of his or her extra weight within a period of 12 months. A healthy weight is important in order to keep off conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and many others, and such procedures help reduce weight in a short time, resulting in a remarkable improvement of one’s quality of life.

A 3D view of a patient after the procedure.
A 3D view of a patient after the procedure.

This innovative surgery for Malta differs from traditional surgical and conservative treatments since it is a short procedure which is minimally invasive and does not require any open surgery. This procedure, while conserving the integrity and the anatomy of the stomach and intestinal tract, is revolutionary since it achieves effective long-lasting weight loss results, especially when combined with the proper medical and nutritional aftercare.

It also offers a very fast return to normal activities and is a safe and pain-free procedure. This procedure is well tolerated, with very rare cases of complications and which can be resolved without the need of surgery.

Jean Claude Muscat, managing director of the Saint James Hospital Group, underlined that the group, following its investment in a new state-of-the-art hospital in the limits of Żejtun, has once again delivered another medical first for Malta and is now looking forward to establish itself as a specialised weight-loss centre of excellence for the Mediterranean basin and the North African region.

This intervention is being carried out by Saint James Hospital Group following a collaboration with Medispar, a leading European provider of innovative medical devices in the field of minimally invasive and endoluminal surgery, focusing on obesity surgery (conservative, endoluminal and laparoscopic treatments). Dedicated to providing excellence in customer service, Medispar thrives to the expectation and becomes a close partner to their customers.