From time to time, Saint James Hospital Group seeks to recruit enthusiastic, passionate and professional candidates to join the team.

Essential characteristics of all prospective candidates include: 

  • passion for excellence
  • personal responsibility
  • excellent teamwork
  • positive attitude 
  • dynamic outlook

Below are vacancies open at this time. If you feel that you have the characteristics required, we would be happy to receive your CV and cover letter on [email protected].

Professional requirements vary for each role and any specific requirements will be included within the job description.

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Career Opportunities

Ambulance Driver | Saint James Capua Hospital, Sliema | Full-Time & Part-Time


The execution of emergency and non-emergency transport duties arising from the everyday activities of the Immediate Medical Care Unit. Patients will include ambulant, non-ambulant and stretcher patients, who require a responsive level of care and assistance, providing emergency aid – where appropriate and within the scope of practice, with a view to preserving life, preventing further injury or deterioration, and promoting recovery.


  • Responding to ambulance requests to transport sick, injured, or convalescent persons.
  • Ensuring that the ambulance vehicle and its equipment and consumable stock is always in operational readiness.
  • To actively participate in stringent cleaning routines on vehicles, equipment and areas of the garaging and parking facilities to ensure effective infection control standards are adhered to.
  • To be accountable for basic vehicle maintenance.
  • Working in accordance with the Health & Safety legislation.
  • Conducting the role in a professional, caring, and compassionate manner.
  • Ensuring a high level of customer and patient care is always provided and maintaining strict patient confidentiality.
  • Administering first aid as needed.
  • Registering and recording accurate patient information for medical and billing purposes.
  • Cooperating clearly with all members of the multidisciplinary team.
  • Monitoring and maintaining company material, equipment, vehicles, and premises.
  • Acting as a hospital porter and assisting with any tasks required whilst within the hospital.
  • Ensuring oxygen is changed as needed and correct documentation is maintained during night shifts.
  • At night to complete at least three extensive checks of the hospital.
  • To assist any patients admitted or within the outpatient area that requires
  • To be in possession and effectively answer the ambulance phone, to respond to real time requests within the hospital.
  • To assist with any other duties necessary to provide support or assistance, as directed by the Head of IMCU.



  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, patients, relatives, and specialists alike.
  • Organisational skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Be empathetic.
  • Be in possession of an appropriate driving license.
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Cafeteria Attendant | Saint James Hospital, Sliema & Zejtun | Full-Time & Part Time


The Cafeteria Attendant’s main duties are to provide the clients with an excellent service and to assist with the preparation of food and warm and cold beverages, as required.


  • Providing excellent service to clients, at all times.
  • Preparing food as required.
  • Preparing and serving hot and cold drinks to clients, as requested.
  • Keeping all shelves, fridges, machinery, working areas and cafeteria area clean, tidy and organised.
  • Completing any necessary paperwork.
  • Maintaining and ordering stock as per process.
  • Charging and cashing clients’ orders.
  • Ensuring food is served at the right temperature and right portion size.


  • The ability to work in a fast, clean and tidy manner.
  • Be well organised.
  • Works very well in a team.
  • Works to a high standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness, at all times.
  • Is able to follow instructions, take phones calls and messages from colleagues, patients and their relatives.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills.
  • Must be fluent in the English language.
  • Possession of a Food Handling Certificate will be considered an asset.
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Emergency Medical Technician/Driver | Saint James Capua Hospital, Sliema| Part-Time


Provides clinical, social, and holistic care to patients in a pre-hospital environment. To provide competent urgent and non–urgent medical care and transportation of patients to an appropriate medical facility. Assist in the management and organisation of care provision in the IMCU setting. 


  • The level of patient care will be in accordance to and compliance with the needs of the patients and within the scope of practice of the attending EMT.
  • Liaising, communicating, and co-operating with colleagues, Health Care / Medical professionals, other emergency service staff, patients, relatives, and members of the public to ensure the highest standard of provision of patient care.
  • Providing comfort, giving support and being mindful of the health and safety of patients and relatives in their care.
  • Undertaking the driving of vehicle types relevant to their area of work and operated by the organisation.
  • Ensuring that the ambulance is stocked, and all equipment is functioning and ready for use at the commencement of each shift.
  • In the event of witnessing an external incident whilst on the ambulance, medical support must be rendered until further resources arrive on scene and care can be transferred to appropriately qualified personnel.
  • Assessing patients’ health and wellbeing across a complex and changing caseload in the assigned unit.
  • Acting as a responsible team member, communicating clearly with all members of the healthcare team.
  • Promoting best practice in all aspects of healthcare.
  • Completing all required documentation and always adhering to the hospital data protection policy.
  • Continually assessing the patients’ condition throughout their prehospital period of care, treatment in the unit and preparation for admission and discharge as appropriate to the level of competence according to departmental guidelines.
  • Using initiative while working within established procedures and practicing to acceptable standards.
  • Organising own day to day work tasks or activities at own discretion, under the delegation of department manager.
  • Practising as a competent practitioner guided by the hospital’s standard practices and clearly defined occupational policies and procedures.
  • Communicating with work colleagues in a clear, helpful, polite, and informative manner.
  • Demonstrating activities or workplace routines to new or less experienced employees in own work area.



Ambulance Care and maintenance

  • Check the ambulance vehicle at the beginning of each shift and on completion of a patient transport / transfer, clean and restock as necessary.
  • Complete and sign the ambulance check list daily including but not exclusive to: Oxygen cylinder levels, AED check, general medical equipment checks, re stock all consumables, fluid levels of diesel, screen wash, oil water and brake fluid, all lights functioning including blue lights, Radio check, external and internal cleaning of vehicle.
  • Co-ordinate any vehicle maintenance identified and required for the vehicle with outside providers, as per hospital protocol.
  • Review the ambulance booking folder at the beginning of each shift to enable appropriate planning and logistics for pre booked jobs.
  • Always ensure the dedicated mobile phone handset is fully charged.


Patient health and well-being

  • Obtain information on patients’ needs prior to transfer within the overall context of their personal and care requirements. Base transfer / transport decision on individual needs.
  • Identify patients’ health needs during transfer / transport through observation, discussion, and the use of technical assessment methods.
  • Identify and report any significant changes that might affect the individual’s health and well-being to the appropriate person.
  • Prepare appropriately for the different care interventions.
  • Supports patients during transfer, evaluating the effectiveness of the interventions.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the provision of care to meet patients’ needs.
  • Respect patients’ privacy, dignity, wishes and beliefs and minimise any necessary discomfort.


Department specific Responsibilities

  • Be a responsible team member supporting the multidisciplinary team in the unit.
  • Provide both clinical and administrative support as required including but not exclusive to registering patients, completing patient admission documentation, communicating insurance and billing issues with the liaison officer.
  • Complete first line assessments for patients attending the department, i.e.: parameters, history taking.
  • Record contact on patient’s clinical record.
  • Assist with the daily cleaning and re stocking of consumables in the unit as per approved checklists.
  • Check oxygen cylinders on IMCU patient trolleys for levels and change as per agreed guidelines.
  • Be responsible for the provision of oxygen cylinders in the unit including re stocking supplies as required.


Promotes best practice in health and safety and security

  • Undertake work activities and related training as defined in Saint James Hospital health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Identify risks involved in work practices, manage those risks, and help others to do the same.
  • Maintain a safe working environment for self, colleagues, patients and other.
  • Monitor work areas and practices ensuring they are free from hazards and conform to health and safety legislation.
  • Support others in maintaining health, safety, and security.
  • Act as a role model in promoting health, safety, and security.


Qualifications and Training

  • Working in teams
  • Working with minimum supervision
  • Ability to effectively communicate with a multidisciplinary team
  • Experience in a caring role
  • Basic first aid knowledge
  • Basic Life Support training
  • Full clean driving license
  • Basic computer skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Good planning and organisation skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passion for Teamwork and Quality Patient care.
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Endoscopy Staff Nurse | Saint James Hospital Group | Full-Time


  • Assisting Gastroenterologist / Surgeon / Specialist with Endoscopy procedures
  • Admitting patient’s pre-op or Endoscopy procedures
  • Answering patients’ questions and addressing their concerns
  • Completing necessary documentation, including patient notes and discharge documents
  • Preparing the instruments, equipment and consumables for procedures in the Endoscopy Theatre
  • Observing patients’ vital signs
  • Assisting in preparing drugs for sedation
  • Administering necessary medication post procedure for example, for pain relief, as required
  • Administering IV drugs, as required
  • Ensuring the patient is as comfortable as possible, post procedure
  • Cleaning and sterilising instruments before and after use
  • Ensuring proper care is taken of the department’s equipment
  • Maintaining the department’s consumables stock levels
  • Maintaining the department’s pharmacy stock levels
  • Any other tasks that the department might require.


  • Recognised degree in nursing
  • Current licensure as a registered nurse with the Nurse and Midwifery Council of Malta
  • Valid ILS and ALS certification (the company will support this)
  • Extensive knowledge of nursing care methods and procedures
  • Knowledge of emergency care
  • Experience within an Endoscopy Department
  • Ability to effectively communicate with patients, families and all medical and hospital staff
  • A team player with effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Responsible and compassionate
  • Basic computer skills
  • Good time management
  • Excellent organisation skills
  • Professional and friendly attitude.
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General Maintenance Technician | Saint James Hospital, Zejtun | Full-Time

Job Summary

The General Maintenance Technician maintains our facilities. Resourcefulness is a necessary skill in this role. You should be able to diagnose and resolve problems quickly. You should also have the patience to communicate with our users. Your goal will be to ensure that our facilities run smoothly and efficiently and to assist in the day-to-day tasks. You will report to the Maintenance Supervisor.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conducting routine inspections of premises and equipment.
  • Performing preventative maintenance.
  • Handling basic repairs and maintenance.
  • Overseeing contractors when professional repairs are necessary.
  • Diagnosing mechanical issues and correcting them.
  • Repairing machines, equipment, or structures as necessary.
  • Preparing drywall for paints and applying tape and texture to it.
  • Coordinating with colleagues to provide support.
  • Evaluating property for any damage and assisting in removing walls.
  • Ensuring neat and clean work area always.
  • Administered mixing of paints to obtain appropriate colour.
  • Installing required signs on property.
  • Reviewing equipment to ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  • Monitoring equipment inventory.
  • Perform paint work when needed.


  • Proven maintenance experience.
  • Skilled in the use of hand and power tools.
  • Ability to take apart machines, equipment, or devices to remove and replace defective parts.
  • Ability to check blueprints, repair manuals, or parts catalogues, as necessary.
  • Ability to use common tools such as hammers, hoists, saws, drills, and wrenches.
  • Experience with precision measuring instruments or electronic testing devices.
  • Experience performing routine maintenance.
  • Strong organisational and follow up skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Professional presentation and attitude.
  • Ability to work independently and on own initiative
  • Time management skills.
  • Electrical skills and certification (License A + B) will be considered as an asset.
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Immediate Medical Care Unit Staff Nurse | Saint James Capua Hospital, Sliema | Full-Time


The post holder will possess clinical expertise and will supervise and deliver direct patient care in the IMCU. He/she will also manage the IMCU on a shift-by-shift basis developing an awareness of strategic management in the absence of the HOD / DNO. Under the supervision of the HOD, IMCU Staff Nurse will assist in the management of the IMCU team to promote professional practice development.


  • Actively participating in the delivery of patient and family care, and acting as a specialist clinical adviser to the students, nursing and medical team, and other hospital departments as required.
  • On a shift-to-shift basis supervising and co-ordinating effective planning, delivery, evaluation and monitoring of standards of care carried out at IMCU for all patients, with due regard to the customs, values and spiritual beliefs of patients and their families.
  • Ensuring effective communication with patients and their relatives, keeping them informed of progress and treatment, and providing support and help as required.
  • In the patient’s best interest carrying out extended role nursing procedures, such as ambulance support, casting, and haemodynamic monitoring as per unit policies, following a competency-based training programme.
  • Developing the role in accordance with the Council for Nurses and Midwives (CNM), Malta, Scope of Professional Practice.
  • Ensuring nursing care is delivered in accordance with Hospital policies; Departmental (IMCU) standard procedures and practices; CNM’s Code of Conduct and the Scope of Professional Practice.
  • Co-ordinating and actively participating in safe and effective transportation of patients.
  • Participating in health care promotion for patients, relatives & staff.
  • Accurately interpreting the significance of patients’ clinical signs, recognising the limitations of own sphere of responsibility and promptly referring patient to appropriate personnel.
  • Undertaking impeccable infection control practices.


  • Valid Nursing Degree.
  • Current licensure with the Malta Council for Nurses and Midwives.
  • To be courteous and professional, at all times, with both clients, colleagues and service providers.
  • To report all incidents and accidents appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • To abide by Company policies and protocols, at all times, and to ensure implementation of new protocols, as required.
  • To carry out other departmental duties as required and requested within the remit of a professional nurse.
  • To be responsible and accountable for own nursing practice and actions.
  • To ensure a safe hygienic environment is maintained for the benefit of patients/clients, staff and visitors.
  • To contribute to the general management and day to day workings of the unit by being an effective member of the clinical team and supporting senior staff.
  • To maintain and develop professional knowledge and competence. Ensure all mandatory training is current and updated accordingly.
  • Should possess excellent organisation and time management skills.
  • Be able to communicate accurately and effectively with patients, relatives, colleagues and specialists.
  • Be computer literate.
  • Possess a positive, can-do attitude.
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Liaison Officer | Saint James Capua Hospital, Sliema | Part-Time


  • Establishing and maintaining good communication with patients, visitors, and staff.
  • Maintaining a current list of in-patients and update colleagues on any changes accordingly.
  • Inputting patient charges accurately onto the hospital information System.
  • Receiving payments from patients upon arrival and discharge.
  • Admitting and discharging patients from the hospital information System, ensuring all details are correct.
  • Liaising with foreign and local insurance companies with regards to pre-admission clarification and confirmation of direct settlements.
  • Acting as an Almoner – responsible for any patient belongings kept in the Company safe.
  • Carrying out reception duties when needed.
  • Liaising with appropriate members of staff in case of emergencies.
  • To receive, keep record of, and report to the appropriate personnel any member of staff who calls in sick or are sent home sick as per company policy.
  • Keeping the mobile phone provided by the Company on him/herself at all times.
  • Running an efficient invoice system.
  • Undertaking tasks with a minimum level of supervision and refer to his/her immediate supervisor when guidance is needed.
  • Adhering to the Hospital/Clinic policies as well as any other relevant policies.
  • Following and adhering to the Data Protection Policy at all times.
  • Carrying out other departmental duties as required and when requested by his/her immediate supervisor, including any other duties that may be required by the Company from time to time.
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Operating Theatre Scrub Nurse | Saint James Hospital, Sliema & Zejtun | Full-Time


In this nursing role, you will prepare the operating room for the patient, setting up the tools and making sure the field is sterile. It is the duty of the scrub nurse to assist the surgical team by donning sterile masks, gloves and gowns as well as aid the physician by passing instruments during surgery. It is essential to maintain a high standard of nursing care. The role should be carried out in professional manner and in accordance with St James Hospital protocols and consultants’ preferences.


  • Ensuring all necessary equipment is available for surgical procedures prior to surgery and to ensure the theatre and its areas are maintained to the required standard before, during and after surgery. It is imperative that a sterile environment is always maintained.
  • Other responsibilities include ensuring adequate levels of stock are maintained within theatre and to complete all swab checks and instrument checks in accordance with the company policy.
  • Assisting the surgeon by taking on the surgical procedures of draping instrumentation and any requirements that are expected within the role and taking part and enforcing World Health Organisation’s ‘Safe Surgical Checklist’ will be expected.
  • Providing a clear and concise pre/post operation handover from Ward/Recovery Nurse is expected to ensure a smooth transition for the patient and ensuring medical staff orders are correctly interpreted and carried out.


  • Recognised degree in nursing
  • Current licensure as a registered nurse with the Nurse and Midwifery Council of Malta
  • Extensive knowledge of nursing care methods and procedures
  • Knowledge of emergency care
  • Ability to effectively communicate with patients, families and all medical and hospital staff
  • A team player with effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be responsible and compassionate
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Computer literate
  • Good time management
  • Excellent organisation skills
  • Professional and friendly attitude.
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Outpatients Staff Nurse | Saint James Capua Hospital, Sliema | Full-Time

Tasks and Responsibilities include:

  • Carrying out medicals.
  • Assisting specialists, where required.
  • Administering vaccinations.
  • Carrying out VDU’s, Audiograms , Spirometry, Vision tests, ECG’s, as trained and as required.
  • Preparing outpatients rooms to ensure they are well equipped for Specialist clinics being held.
  • Preparing equipment and other apparatuses or instruments within the outpatients rooms.
  • Assisting doctors with minor procedures.
  • Preparing specialists’ and doctors’ files or patient cards, as required.
  • Monitoring stock and ensuring stock is ordered and collected and stock levels are maintained.
  • Contributing towards the wellbeing of patients.
  • Contributing towards the effectiveness of work teams.


  • Nursing registration with the Malta Council of Nurses and Midwives.
  • Desirably, Basic Life Support.


Working in teams; Ability to work without direct supervision.

Skills and Behaviours 

Passion for Customers; Planning and Organisation; Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement; Excellent Communication; Working Collaboratively; Concern for Standards

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Recovery Nurse Operating Theatre | Saint James Capua Hospital, Sliema | Full-Time


The Recovery Room Nurse is the primary patient advocate following surgery. This nurse monitors patients when they are still under the effects of anaesthesia. Recovery room nurses must be registered nurses who have been extensively trained in critical care. It is essential that a high standard of nursing care is maintained. The role should be carried out in professional manner and in accordance with Saint James Hospital policies and protocols.


  • Providing constant care to patients immediately following surgery. This may be a time frame anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, until the patient is stable enough either to be transported to his hospital room or discharged from the facility.
  • Connecting the patient to devices such as cardiac monitoring equipment, and to intravenous therapy for fluids and pain medication.
  • Monitoring patients’ vital signs, such as Blood pressure, pulse, RR, temperature; administration of oxygen suctioning.
  • Monitoring patients for bleeding, pain management to assess patients’ comfort level.
  • Observing patients to assess their comfort level, asking patients about their level of pain, and administering pain medications that have been prescribed.
  • Administrating intravenous, IM, subcutaneous, PCA and epidural therapy.
  • Transferring verbal and written information about the patient to the ward nurse responsible for the patient.
  • Maintaining and providing necessary documentation, as appropriate.
  • Rapidly reacting to signs of negative physical changes, calling for assistance and beginning cardiopulmonary resuscitation, if necessary. Acting in a clear headed and knowledgeable way during an emergency.


  • Must communicate effectively with patients of different ages and backgrounds.
  • Possess excellent observation skills, be able to think critically, and be able to make quick and effective decisions.
  • Must be in possession of a valid nursing degree.
  • Must be registered with the Malta Council for Nurses and Midwives.
  • Must be in possession of valid ILS certification (will be supported by the company).
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Resident Medical Officer | Saint James Hospital, Sliema and Zejtun | Full-Time

Clinical Services

  • Restoring health by providing hospital services, including:
  • Urgent medical services, such as resuscitation, stabilisation, assessment and diagnosis, treatment and referral, as necessary.
  • Assessing the urgency and severity of presenting problems through taking patient medical history, examination and investigation, as necessary.
  • Recommending and, where appropriate, undertaking treatment options and carrying out/referring for appropriate interventions and procedures, counselling, psychological interventions, advising and education.
  • Referring for diagnostic, therapeutic and support services, as required; referrals within Saint James Hospital should be encouraged, where feasible.
  • Reviewing, at least once daily, all ward patients, as well as carrying out ward medical duties, in close liaison with the patient’s consultant.
  • Maintaining health by providing timely clinical and culturally appropriate health services through:
  • ongoing health and development assessment and advice;
  • appropriate health and development assessment and advice;
  • appropriate evidence-based screening, risk assessment and early detection of illness, disease and disability;
  • interventions to assist patients to reduce or change risky and harmful lifestyle behaviour;
  • Working with public health providers in the prevention and control of communicable diseases, and reporting to relevant public health authorities;
  • Ongoing care and support for people with chronic and terminal conditions to reduce deterioration, increase independence and reduce suffering linking, where relevant, with appropriate service providers.
  • Improving health by:
  • developing collaborative working relationships with the GP community health services, as well as other hospitals and clinics.
  • advocating health promotion, linking to programmes developed by Public Health.
  • providing health education, counselling and information on how to improve health and prevent disease, including interventions or treatments that treat relevant risk factors.


  • External
  • Being the professional liaison with other health professionals and ensuring that a healthy relationship is maintained.
  • Internal
  • Ensuring that consultants are updated on changes in their patients’ statuses, in a timely manner (delay or hesitation may compromise patient safety).


  • Clinical Notes
  • All patient consultations/visits must be accurately recorded on Hospital Information System during or immediately after the actual consultation/visit.
  • Ward episodes should be recorded legibly in the patient’s notes.
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Ongoing CME needs to be maintained; this is supported by special concessions from the HR Department.
  • ALS and EPLS/APLS provider certification need to be up-to-date.


  • Privacy
  • Total confidentiality and privacy of patients should be ensured and maintained, at all times.
  • Health and Safety
  • Comply with established health and safety policies with regards to handling of instruments, storage of drugs and disposal of sharps and other potentially dangerous equipment or substances.

Essential Qualities

  • Registration with the Malta Medical Council.
  • Demonstrated oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to exercise independent judgement in performing duties.
  • Ability to work under pressure together with a high level of initiative and self-motivation.
  • Ability to work accurately and diligently.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Organisation skills.
  • Demonstrated commitment to continuing education and maintenance of professional competence.
  • Ability to contribute to, and work as part of, the healthcare team at departmental and organisation levels.
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Ward Staff Nurse | Saint James Hospital, Sliema & Zejtun | Full-Time


Nurses care for people who are sick, injured, convalescent or disabled.  Nurses deliver individualised care to patients utilising the nursing processes of assessment, planning, intervention, implementation, and evaluation, in accordance with established nursing practice, ethics and Saint James Hospital Policies.


  • Providing bedside care for a wide variety of medical patients, including pre- and post-surgery patients.
  • Consulting and coordinating with the health care team to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care.
  • Assessing, implementing, planning, and evaluating nursing care plans by working collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Recording and maintaining accurate and complete health care records including vital signs and medical information.
  • Monitoring, reporting, and recording symptoms or changes in the patients’ condition.
  • Preparing and administering medications as prescribed and record all entries of medication administration accurately.
  • Reporting any suspected adverse drug reaction immediately to the medical team and pharmacist.
  • Initiating and providing education accordingly to patients and relatives on how to manage their illness/surgery and emphasising on home care needs.
  • Accompanying specialists during ward rounds and ensure that changes in patient care are communicated to colleagues.
  • Responding immediately to lifesaving/emergency care situations.
  • Actively leading and participating in the discharge planning process.
  • Fostering a supportive and compassionate environment to care for patients and their families.

Essential Criteria

  • Recognised degree in nursing
  • Current licensure as a registered nurse with the Nurse and Midwifery Council of Malta
  • Extensive knowledge of nursing care methods and procedures
  • Ability to effectively communicate with patients, families, and all medical and hospital staff at all levels of the organisation
  • A team player with effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Responsible and compassionate
  • Computer literate
  • Good time management
  • Excellent organisation skills
  • Professional and friendly attitude.
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