ReGen Detox Booster by Saint James

Exclusive blend Created to Nourish Your Liver

Our team of Medical Doctors has developed the deluxe booster infusion therapy, a specialised nutrient concoction aimed at supporting your liver – a vital organ responsible for detoxifying the human body.

Boost your immune system and purify your body, enhance your vitality and well-being while experiencing a refreshed sensation sustain optimal energy levels and alleviate stress symptoms.

Eliminate harmful substances from your body!

The liver performs a crucial role in converting various substances into less toxic metabolites. These metabolites are natural byproducts of regular metabolism and are subsequently eliminated from the body through bile and urine. However, highly toxic substances such as alcohol, heavy metals, and pesticides require specific processes or modifications to ensure safe removal. This is where a healthy liver becomes essential.

When the liver becomes overwhelmed by toxins, its functionality is compromised. The accumulation of excessive toxins hinders the liver’s ability to effectively eliminate them, leading to potential long-term health complications.

For individuals experiencing the following conditions, we recommend considering the ReGen Detox Booster

  • Chronic fatigue and high stress levels
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Unhealthy dietary habits
  • Fatty liver or diagnosed liver diseases
  • Regular use of medications
  • Recent completion of a course of antibiotics
  • Engaging in intense physical training or exercise

Choose Your ReGen Booster

Our team of medical experts and experienced physicians at Saint James Hospital have meticulously curated an extensive range of ReGen Boosters through IV Therapy, aiming to enhance your overall well-being and foster a vibrant, healthier lifestyle.

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