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24/7 online Medical Consultations are now made possible


Saint James Hospital Group is proud to announce its partnership with DIGIMED, a new online digital platform which for the first time ever brings together healthcare professionals, patients, and pharmacists in one ecosystem.

Digimed acts as a tool that enables video, voice, and text consultations, allowing doctors to seamlessly interact remotely with their patients who also enjoy access to an elective health records system, making their medical information portable and dynamically updatable. Moreover, the platform also empowers pharmacists to dispense prescriptions securely through a proprietary e-Prescription system.

This effectively means that medical professionals in attendance at  Saint James Hospital will be on call on the Digimed platform on any day and at any time, effectively allowing the platform’s subscribers to to avail themselves of medical consultation services as well as directly communicating with doctors at Saint James Hospital through the same platform.  Furthermore, Digimed subscribers are also able to access their health records 24/7 at the touch of a fingertip.

Keith Laferla, Director of Digimed explained the advantages of Digimed: “once a health issue crops up, a patient wants access to two things: a doctor and medical records. The ideal scenario would be where you have access to a doctor when you need it and for the doctor to have access to your medical records at any time. This is what Digimed is all about.”

Mr Laferla continued that Saint James Hospital Group is a prestigious stakeholder for Digimed and is in itself a strong endorsement of the platform and in the way people can be helped to manage their health more effectively and more conveniently.

“We fully believe in the transformative potential of Digimed where patients now have more access and control and where doctors can help their patients more effectively. Digimed is set to bring a revolutionary change in the way we manage our healthcare” said Mr Laferla. ”

Jean Claude Muscat, CEO Saint James Hospital Group underlined that healthcare is going through enormous shifts, primarily driven by constant technological advancements. At the same time, it has to also be acknowledged that people want convenience, and in healthcare, convenience can become an urgency. Mr Muscat added thatDigimed takes healthcare to a new level, which is in line with our philosophy at Saint James Hospital Group, that is to offer the highest possible level of healthcare. This is why Saint James Hospital Group is very proud to announce this new and exciting partnership.”


For more information about Digimed, visit www.digimed.health.